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Insulating glass units sealed with maximum speed

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Keeping things flexible – Bystronic glass speed'sealer

In the far east of Germany, six kilometres from the Polish border, Flachglas Uhsmannsdorf GmbH produces high-quality branded insulating glass. This company, which is nowadays part of the Saint-Gobain group, evolved from a glass factory founded in 1890. With his experience of both socialism and capitalism over the past 40 years branch manager Alfred Bayer has learned to be flexible – and he also expects flexibility in his production. That is why he chose the speed'sealer sealing machine from Bystronic glass, which since April 2011 has given him a high level of flexibility in production, particularly for triple insulating glass units.

Bystronic glass_Saint-Gobain_speed'sealer The Bystronic glass speed'sealer has set new standards in the production of insulating glass.

Alfred Bayer first became aware of speed'sealer during glasstec 2010 in Düsseldorf. That is where Bystronic glass initially presented its brand new high-speed sealing machine to selected customers in a top secret area. Alfred Bayer had previously been in discussion with Bystronic glass and had defined his requirements clearly: “To equip our production in Uhsmannsdorf for the constantly growing demand for triple glazing, we needed a flexible sealing machine, which allows us to rapidly produce a large amount of insulating glass units.” With speed'sealer flexible sealing of triple insulating glass units in a variety of spacer widths within a dual cycle is achievable without changing nozzles and downtime eliminated.

Bystronic glass_Saint-Gobain_speed'sealer_2 With speed'sealer flexible sealing of triple insulating glass units is possible. Pictured: Layer technician Eberhard Noack at the control panel of the speed'sealer.

Strong trend towards triple glazing

Since 2003 the site in Uhsmannsdorf has worked with one Bystronic glass insulating glass line. In 2005 a second line was added, which is also designed for the production of triple insulating glass units. Alfred Bayer takes a look back: "Until a few years ago we mainly produced double glazing, and the two Bystronic glass lines with their sealing machines of the sealer type were and still are very suitable for this". Interest in triple glazing was still relatively low up until that time, and he could easily produce the quantities he required using the existing machinery. However, the market situation rapidly changed: "Within a few years, demand for triple glazing units rose sharply," he says. Alfred Bayer soon realised that he had to adapt his production to meet market needs. "That's why we focused on the needs of the future and decided to equip the older of the two lines for modern triple production – with a speed'sealer and the retrofit of an insulating glass press. In the meantime the production of triple insulating glass units on this line has risen by up to 80 per cent."

Bystronic glass_Saint-Gobain_IGpress Retrofitted insulating glass press for the production of triple insulating glass units.

Dynamic mix for more speed

For these production quantities the speed'sealer is the right machine for Flachglas Uhsmannsdorf GmbH. It seals windows and facade elements at a maximum flow and with unparalleled application speed. With a dynamic mixer it is possible, for the first time in the industry, to actively and consistently mix the two sealant material components, even with different production conditions – this ensures speed. "In addition, for us the flexibility in production is a critical factor, because we do not produce a single type, but meet the individual requirements of the customers. That means for us that the units operate over the production line in exactly the same order we receive the orders from the customers,” says the branch manager. Thanks to the Bystronic glass speed'sealer he can now achieve this in a very flexible way: "We seal triple glazed units in double circulation. So even when there are varying spacer widths or asymmetrically constructed units we do not need to change nozzles."

Bystronic glass_Saint-Gobain_old Modern insulating glass production takes place opposite the old glass factory in Uhsmannsdorf

Another of Alfred Bayer’s requirements for his new sealing machine was to reduce the effort and costs of cleaning the mixing zones. The speed'sealer has also met this need: "The sealer is virtually maintenance free. In Uhsmannsdorf we use - as is customary in all Saint-Gobain glazing centre locations – the material IGK 130 which satisfies our needs. The sealing machine works a three-shift operation around the clock,” he reported. Complete cleaning takes place only once every six months. Thus, the production operation in Uhsmannsdorf which has more than 100 employees and a production area of about 7,500 square metres can provide the customers of the Saint-Gobain Insulation Centre with insulating glass when needed on short notice. Alfred Bayer receives support for this from Bystronic glass service. "I feel that I have been taken well care of from the initial contact to this day," says the branch manager, who finds it important to be able to contact service quickly and receive good advice.

Flachglas-Uhsmannsdorf The administrative building of Flachglas Uhsmannsdorf GmbH.

The material IGK 130:

• Mercury-free, therefore low toxicity in production and processing

• Very fast hardening for fast delivery

• Little build-up on sealing machine for low cleaning needs

• B component is also available as a paste version

• Compatibility with all reputable silicones guaranteed

• Tested according to EN-1279, Cekal and Kiwa/Komo along with IGK 511 (primary seal) and IGK 805 (desiccant)

Websites: About Bystronic glass

Bystronic glass symbolizes innovation with machinery, plants, systems and services for glass processing focussed on tomorrow’s market. From basic requirements through to entire, customized installations Bystronic glass provides pioneering solutions – naturally, all in the highest quality. Bystronic glass supplies its well-proven machine technologies also in important areas of the photovoltaic industry. Bystronic glass is an international brand with globally operating companies that support their customers on site and through own sales and service companies. Since 1994, Bystronic glass is part of the Conzzeta AG, a renowned Swiss industrial holding company.

About the Saint-Gobain Glazing Centre

The Saint-Gobain Glazing Centre with its three companies in five different locations is characterised by high quality products, superior service and expertise on the subject of insulation thickness. This presence and strength of the Saint-Gobain Glazing Centre makes it an innovative and reliable partner for branded insulating glass in the window market.

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