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glasstec 2012: HEGLA demonstrates cutting solutions in real-time operation

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"Discover the potential for your success in glass finishing" is HEGLA's motto at glasstec. By locating their trade-show booth directly across the aisle from Bystronic glass, the cooperation with the Preferred Partner will also be accentuated physically.

HEGLA's more than 1,700 m2 of exhibit space (Building 15, C55/E55) will be used to show real-time demonstrations of a cross-section of its product range. "Experience has shown that our visitors appreciate the opportunity to get a hands-on feel for the systems and their functions", commented HEGLA Managing Director, Manfred Vollbracht, regarding the trade-show concept.

New, patented cutting system for laminated glass

(EP 1577273 B1 / DE 10164872 B4)
In this context a system that HEGLA will exhibit for the first time is expected to stir interest. "We are proud to present a cutting solution for laminated glass, which is capable of automatically cutting free-form shapes and models up to 360 degrees, while maintaining the utmost in precision", explains the Managing Director responsible for production and engineering, Bernhard Hötger.

Cutting solutions for float glass and laminated glass

The centrepiece of the trade-show booth is a two-line cutting solution for float glass and laminated glass, which is jointly fed by a compact loader. As a part of this system configuration, visitors will be able to see two ReMaster units in real-time operation (one with multiple loading), which are integrated into the float and laminated glass line to optimize the cutting results.

The ReMaster units buffer the residual glass above the cutting system until this material can be optimally used for the next cutting operation. "By performing this process, the ReMaster unit not only significantly reduces the waste glass, it also reduces manual handling by automatically retrieving and loading the residual sheets", explains Manfred Vollbracht.

According to HEGLA, further cost reduction potential can be leveraged with the SortJet at the end of the floatline. The SortJet stores the sheets, which were processed in a chaotic, cut optimizing sequence, in its buffer and retains the sheets until all the glass required by an IG unit is available.

"Discover the potential for your success in glass finishing":
HEGLA exhibits a cross-range of its product range at glasstec 2012

The output shuttle of the SortJet then transfers the correctly sequenced glass to the next processing station – in this case an insulated glass line. "The dynamic intermediate glass storage eliminates manual sorting. This task is performed by the SortJet, permitting a continuous production flow for the cutting operation and the Iso line", explains Vollbracht. Depending on the SortJet installation, the correct orientation of the coating can also be accomplished by a rotating and/or flip conveyor.

A compact on-line version of the SortJet with direct transfer of the cut glass to the Iso line will be exhibited at the trade-show. Alternatively, the glass transfer can also be accomplished by means of harp racks, including automatic glass retrieval (offline version). The SortJet can be supplied in three sizes for a variety of requirements.

Coater periphery

For coater periphery applications, HEGLA will exhibit two underfloor stackers, which retrieve entire glass panes in the shortest possible cycle time from the floatliner racks, and bring them into the horizontal production orientation, and automatically restack the sheets from the line onto the racks.

Compact float glass cutting line

As an example for a compact LES cutting line for float glass, HEGLA will present a combination of an automatic shop-floor loader, including direct retrieval from the glass rack, an Optimax cutting system for model and straight cuts and a break-out table. This can be further optimized with a laser marking system.

Automation / Robotics

Two robots are shown from the automation / robotics field. These employ the "Pick on the fly" process to load and retrieve coated/uncoated glass synchronously to the transport conveyor speed, without interrupting the motion.

Glass transport

HEGLAs glass transport expertise is highlighted with two custom vehicles (VW Crafter with glass rack and MAN 12t truck with glass rack and loading crane).

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