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AGC Glass Europe announces two new high performance glass products : Stopray Ultra-60 and Ultra-60T

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With the launch of these two new types of glass - products developed using the latest glass technology - AGC Glass Europe now offers an increased range of triple silver-coated products for facade applications of commercial buildings. Stopray Ultra-60 and Ultra-60T are part of AGC Glass Europe's new generation of high-performance glazing solutions. They are available from September 2012.

Outstanding features

With a revolutionary, vacuum-applied triple silver coating, these products deliver an outstanding performance in terms of light transmission, solar factor and thermal insulation. Their selectivity(1) is always higher than 2.

Stopray Ultra-60, with 60% light transmission and a solar factor of 28%, gives superb selectivity, equal to 2.14.

Stopray Ultra-60T is the first glass from AGC with a toughened triple silver coating: a truly remarkable technological advance! Its 62% light transmission is the highest of all toughened versions available on the market.

Stopray Ultra-60 and Ultra-60T, additions to the first AGC triple silver-coated glass (Stopray Ultra-50 on Clearvision, previously called Ultravision 50), comprise the first AGC triple silver range. They provide solutions tailored to the needs of every project.

Stopray Ultra-50 on Clearvision has the lowest solar factor (23%) of any glass on the market. Always produced on Planibel Clearvision, AGC's extra-clear glass, it is both neutral and transparent while at the same time reducing the risk of thermal stress.

In terms of thermal insulation, Stopray Ultra-60, Ultra-60T and Ultra-50 on Clearvision have excellent Ug values: 1.0 W/(m2.K).

Cradle to Cradle: a step in the right direction for green certification

These 3 Stopray Ultra products have been awarded Cradle to CradleCM Silver(2) certification. They are a key factor in gaining credits in green certification systems for buildings such as LEED and BREEAM. They help architects and designers to create plans that will obtain a high rating under those certification systems.

(1) Selectivity is the ability of the glass to allow the maximum possible light to enter a building while keeping as much heat as possible out. It is the ratio between light transmission and the solar factor. (2) Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM is a certification mark licensed by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute. This rigorous programme evaluates the sustainability of a product in its entirety; in other words, throughout its lifecycle. AGC Glass Europe is the first European glass producer to obtain Cradle to CradleCM certification for its float glass and its soft-coated glass. For further information, visit:

AGC Glass Europe, a European leader in flat glass// Based in Brussels, AGC Glass Europe produces, processes and distributes flat glass mainly for the construction (external glazing and interior decorative glass), the automotive (original and replacement glass), and the solar sectors. It is the European branch of AGC Glass, the world’s largest producer of flat glass.

Its baseline “Glass Unlimited” reflects the possibilities offered by: • glass as a material to meet a growing variety of needs (comfort, energy control, health and safety, aesthetics, sustainability); • innovation in products and processes, derived from continuous research in advanced glass technology; • over 100 sites throughout Europe, from Spain to Russia; • a worldwide marketing network; • its 14,000 employees focused on the Customer.

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