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SAGE’s Dr. Helen Sanders Named One of USGlass Magazine’s Top 100 Influencers

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SAGE announced today that Dr. Helen Sanders, Ph.D., was named one of USGlass Magazine’s Top 100 Influencers  in the August issue of USGlass Magazine. Dr. Sanders, Vice President of Technical Business Development at SAGE, was selected by the USGlass Magazine editorial team as one of the individuals “who are leading their peers in new directions” and “changing the whole equation of how we look at the industry.”

“The influencers we selected, like Dr. Sanders, have all helped shape our industry in some manner over many decades and every four years we harness their collective wisdom to give our readers a sort of ‘handbook’ of predictions, best practices and ideas for moving our industry forward,” said Megan Headley, contributing editor of USGlass Magazine. “We hope our Top 100 continue to educate and inspire future influencers of the glass and metal industry to take action and continue driving innovation for many years to come.”

“If we want to ensure glass areas in buildings are not significantly reduced because of concerns over energy efficiency, we need to work on generating good data and clear messaging that supports energy savings, daylighting, cost savings and the ‘people’ benefits of glass,” Dr. Sanders said.

Dr. Sanders has 15 years of experience in the glass industry and more than 10 years of experience in dynamic glass technology and manufacturing.  She is currently responsible for technical business development at SAGE focusing on developing strategic relationships and leading SAGE’s technical services organization.

Since joining SAGE in 1999, Dr. Sanders has held a number of diverse positions, most recently leading operations at SAGE, including the management of the manufacturing, engineering and solutions delivery teams.  Dr. Sanders also held leadership roles in product development, manufacturing process development, project management, and sales.  During her career she has been involved in the implementation of safety and environmental programs, quality systems and lean manufacturing tools. She also  built a customer-facing technical and customer services group within SAGE from the ground up. Sanders is an active member of several industry organizations, including ASTM, IGMA and GANA. She speaks frequently at industry events and also serves as the chair of the GANA Energy Committee and as the chair of ASTM’s Chromogenic Glazings task group.

“Helen is one of the top technical experts in the glass industry. She has a wealth of knowledge about the science of dynamic glass as well as the ever-changing and increasingly stringent energy and building codes required to build and retrofit energy-efficient buildings,” said John Van Dine, SAGE CEO & founder. “We are lucky to have an influencer like Helen on our team and believe USGlass Magazine got it right when they selected Helen to share her wisdom with their readers.”

Prior to SAGE, Helen was a Senior Scientist in on-line glass coating at Pilkington PLC in the United Kingdom where she was involved in the development of low maintenance coatings.  She has an M.A. in Natural Sciences (Chemistry) and a Ph.D. in Surface Science from the University of Cambridge, England.

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