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Glass for Europe becomes more active on industrial policy

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Glass for Europe seized the opportunity of the recent Commission consultation on the EU 2020 Flagship on industrial policy to increase its involvement on industrial policy issues. The aim of this consultation is to prepare the mid-term review of the EU industrial policy flagship for 2020 set out in 2010. This mid-term assessment of the strategy will review the implementation progress and will focus on developing further initiatives to tackle the consequences of the economic crisis.

In its answer to the consultation, Glass for Europe highlighted the challenges raised for glass manufacturers by the compliance with EU tough environmental regulations. It also underlined the importance of energy and climate change mitigation policies focusing primarily on enhancing the energy performance of buildings. Last but not least, Glass for Europe insisted on the necessity to provide a level-playing field between EU-based industries and their third countries competitors to avoid the progressive de-industrialization of Europe.

Glass for Europe will publish in October a comprehensive vision of a low-carbon economy, which addresses the issues tackled in its answer to the consultation on industrial policy. This policy document will propose concrete policy responses to the challenges faced today by the flat glass industry.

The Glass for Europe answer to the consultation on industrial policy is available

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