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Digital Media Facade – DMF 2.0

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LED by design, led by glass

  • A double-glazing solution that incorporates the LED technology
  • A solar control glass ensuring thermal & acoustic insulation
  • A solution that enables video technology integration into a glass facade
  • A large-scale digital display transparent for the occupants within

Saint-Gobain Glass presents DMF 2.0, a Next Gen Glass that integrates the LED matrix into glass, creating a stunning impact of any digital content. This includes the display of pictures, animations, graphics, videos, etc. on the exterior glass, even while allowing the occupants of the buildings a clear view of the outside. The DMF 2.0 is a glass in construction that can be used for advertising, artistic shows, street art expos, news and urban communication, events, environment interactivity, etc.

A novel, digital skin in architectural design, the DMF 2.0 conforms to the standards of external glazing, in terms of providing solar control, restricting the entry of heat but allowing ample natural lighting. It is a customizable system, whereby the resolution (100x100 mm to 30x30 mm) and brightness can be optimized for different applications, (i.e.) night to daylight use, viewing distance, video resolution, etc. The glass shape and composition can also be adapted in accordance with architectural specifications. 

The Kings Road Tower is a classic example of LED assisted architecture. The largest Media Facade in the world, it is equipped with LED screens developed by Citiled, i.e. a total of 9,850 sq m and more than 5 million LED across 21 floors (on the North & South facades) and 16 floors (on the West).

The use of LED in DMF 2.0 comes with its own distinct advantages. Known to be durable, high on efficiency and blending form with function, they are also an eco-friendly option.

The flexibility of LED bars enables them to be integrated into any kind of double or triple glazing. If the system is being installed within the double-glazing unit, installation costs are relatively lower than other indoor/outdoor digital media facade systems. Also, it does not require additional elements and therefore helps to retain the original facade appearance as designed by the architect. In the DMF 2.0, since the solution is integrated into the glazing units, the glass windows can be cleaned easily. It also comes with a warranty extension on demand.

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