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With its innovative PLEXIGLAS® Solar product group, Evonik offers a complete range of molding compounds and sheet products for many demanding lens and mirror applications for concentrating photovoltaics.

Furthermore, Evonik offers under the brand name PLEXIGLAS® Solar Pre-Fab Lens Panel a complete acrylic lens package for concentrating photovoltaic (CPV). This new lens panel is used as primary optics for CPV applications. With this standard lens panel, the Acrylic Polymers Business Line offers especially startup companies an inexpensive solution for entering the CPV industry. The lens panel can be delivered, without long delivery times and without high costs for individualized tool design. This product makes it possible to obtain high values for optical efficiency and ensures homogenous light dispersion on the high-performance solar cells being used.

There are four reasons that make PLEXIGLAS® the material of choice  for CPV applications:  

  • excellent optical properties
  • excellent resistance to weathering and UV light
  • precision processing
  • impact strength and low weight.

Products with the PLEXIGLAS® Solar trademark are distinguished by their special transmission characteristics across the spectral range.

PLEXIGLAS® Solar: The Special Solution

These are adjusted to the spectral response of photovoltaic cells to obtain the highest possible module efficiency when converting the photons into electricity. Evonik offers products with tailored UV transmission properties that selectively meet the demands of the various concentrating technologies. These products include optical, UV transmitting and a full complement of UV-absorbing levels (down to 350 nm).

The PLEXIGLAS® Solar product portfolio is supplemented by the innovative and user-friendly ACRIFIX® Solar adhesives system. This UV-curable reactive resin system is perfectly adjusted to the PLEXIGLAS® Solar products.

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