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Glass cals in minutes with Saint-Gobain Glass' new webtool and smartphone app

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Saint-Gobain Glass has developed an ingenious new webtool and associated smartphone app that will determine the most appropriate glazing for any home and then calculate the potential cost savings. Using the tool, homeowners may see in minutes the tangible benefits of choosing high performance Saint-Gobain glass for their new windows.

Through a series of simple entries, the SGG Glass Compass will provide a quick and simple visualisation of the home, determining the most appropriate glass using key criteria such as the geographical location of the property, the type of heating, and level of winter and summer comfort required. The most important calculation for the homeowner however is the savings that may be achieved with the new glass, compared to their old windows.

The key to the SGG Glass Compass is its simplicity; the smartphone and tablet app allows sales consultants to work with customers in their own homes to make the calculations. The SGG Glass Compass app utilises the accelerometer of smart phones and tablets to determine the location and compass setting of the home to complete some of the key calculations.

The performance criteria of various products within the Planitherm family is programmed in, helping to ensure that the app selects the ideal combination for the user. Planitherm Total+ has been optimised for Window Energy Ratings and is likely to provide the best solution for most installations.

However, SGG Planitherm One has been optimised for the lowest u-values and may be selected for areas such as larger south facing windows when winter comfort is key whilst Planitherm 4S may be chosen when excess heat gain is an issue and high summer comfort is required.

Both the webtool and app may be confidently used with minimal practice and knowledge to produce compelling results for homeowners.

Craig Dodsworth, Residential Market Manager for SGGUK, believes the SGG Glass Compass provides an excellent tool for the committed sales consultant though homeowners may, of course, download the programmes themselves to produce their own calculations: “We pride ourselves on having a range of Planitherm solutions to meet the varying needs of the consumer. However, this can be difficult to present simply. The beauty of this new tool is that it provides the optimum specification for a given property in a clear way – rather than a “one size fits all” approach.”

The SGG Glass Compass app is available for both iOS and Android platforms and may be downloaded at

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