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The Glass With a High Performance Low-E

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Planibel G is a glass product that combines application of two layer of emissivity through CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) process. These coatings are applied on one surface of the glass. Those two coatings reduces the heat transmittance therefore improve comfort.

Low-Emissivity Planibel G not only saves a considerable amount of energy, but it is also the easiest Low-E coated glass to process. The coating, applied on line using high temperature (almost 600 C) adheres to the surface of the glass, becoming remarkably durable. This very property means that processors can process Planibel G very easily indeed.


With its super-hard coating PLANIBEL G boasts several feature, making it the ideal lowemissivity glass for processors.


Its hard and stable coating makes PLANIBEL G suitable for any processing operation In particular, it is not necessary to erase the coating on the edges for assembly in double glazing.


PLANIBEL G may be stored, manipulated, cut and assembled like ordinary glass, provided the normal precautions for hard coated glass are followed. Shelf life is similar to clear float, although we do recommend taking steps to protect the coating from dirt. We recommend placing the coated side up when cutting Planibel G. Avoid any contact with sharp metal or plastic objects.


With its many characteristics, PLANIBELG present an excellent ratio performance/price.


Transparent and neutral coloured, PLANIBEL G has real good light transmission.It is also highly resistant to chemicals and mechanical stress.

But its real strength lies in its remarkable thermal properties. Featuring a coating designed to insulate heat into the building (i.e. U-Value 3.7), PLANIBEL G can result in a substantial reduction in cooling costs.

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