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Emhart Glass - New Refractory Catalogue

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July/August 2012 - Emhart Glass is proud to announce the release of its revised refractory catalogue. The new edition contains information on refractory feeder expendables, forehearth expendables, and also a new section on glasshouse crucibles and accessories.

Many improvements have been made to the refractories catalogue. Several sections were reorganized in an attempt to make the information easier to find, such as organizing orifice rings and tubes by equipment size. The graphics and illustrations of the parts have been revised and redrawn in order to make them easier to interpret. Additional parts have also been added to the catalogue, such as T-bar stirrers and burner nozzles.

A new section has been added to the catalogue containing information on glasshouse crucibles and accessories. These parts are used extensively by the handglass industry, which consists primarily of glass artists making tableware, stained glass, and various other decorative pieces, along with manufacturers making specialty glasses for items such as aircraft lighting, and glass beads.

This edition contains a detailed Technical Reference section, where information on the refractory materials manufactured by Emhart Glass can be found. There are charts containing typical applications for the various refractory materials, and their effectiveness in different glass chemistries. Furthermore, a quick reference table was added, which provides, at a glance, essential information Viz. spout assemblies, front plates and casing configurations based on the major Emhart Glass feeder mechanisms available, respectively.

In addition to the new refractory catalogue, Emhart Glass will be releasing a refractories handbook by the third quarter of 2012. The refractory handbook will contain useful information on installation procedures for the various refractory expendables, such as orifice rings, tubes, and spouts. It will contain mixing and application information on the cements, mortars, and castables that Emhart Glass offers. It will also contain recommended heating cycles for spouts and other useful information as it pertains to Emhart Glass refractories.

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Andrew Purvis is the Business and Product Development Manager for Refractories, and Site Manager for the Refractory Production Plant in Owensville, Missouri. He can be contacted at andrew.purvis@emhartglass.com.

Roger Smith is the Technical Manager and resident Ceramist for the Refractories Production Plant in Owensville, Missouri. He can be contacted at roger.smith@emhartglass.com.

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