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Four Seasons Sunrooms Introduces Energy-Saving Pledge to Energy-Saving Windows

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Holbrook, NY – Four Seasons, the world leader in manufacturing energy efficient windows and doors for its glass room additions for nearly 40 years, recently shocked the window industry by guaranteeing consumers will save money when they install Energy-Saving Windows by Four Seasons.

Four Seasons guarantees that consumers who have
"We know our windows are the best," Four Seasons Vice President of Sales and Marketing Peter Allen said. "And we are not afraid to put our money where our mouth is. Consumers will save money if they have Energy-Saving Windows installed by Four Seasons."

Four Seasons has been building the most energy-efficient glass room additions around the world for nearly 40 years. During that time it has pioneered numerous leading edge glass technologies to ensure its sunrooms, conservatories and patio rooms can be comfortably heated and cooled in such extreme locations as winters in Juno, AK and summers in Phoenix, AZ. To reduce homeowners heating and cooling costs in the rest of their homes, Four Seasons introduced that same proven glass technology to its Energy-Saving Windows and Doors products and guarantees it with its
8 Unique Glass Formulations

Windows in Alaska need to stand up to tremendously different temperature extremes than those installed in Arizona. Weather and temperature conditions vary greatly across the United States and around the world so Four Seasons designed windows and doors to meet those conditions.

"You wouldn't put snow tires on a car in Arizona, so why should you use the same windows there as you would in Alaska," Allen said. "Our windows are designed for the specific temperature and weather conditions consumers will experience where they live."

Four Seasons developed eight unique energy efficient formulas of its exclusive CONSERVAGLASS SELECT™ to reduce consumers energy bills around the world. These eight formulations ensure Four Seasons Energy-Saving Windows and Doors can provide the best insulation value to retain heat when it's cold outside and block heat from coming in when it's hot outside, no matter where they are installed. These proven formulas enable Four Seasons to offer its Energy Savings Pledge and guarantee consumers who have its windows installed will save money on their energy costs from the very first year.


All Four Seasons Replacement Windows & Doors feature its patented CONSERVAGLASS SELECT with Stay-Clean Technology™. This glass technology ensures every window is truly an energy-saving product no matter where it's installed.

In addition to the superior glass technology, Four Seasons Energy-Saving Windows & Doors use only the most tried, tested and proven materials and technology to ensure a lifetime of trouble-free performance. From top to bottom, the windows are constructed with only the best of the best: the purest vinyl, the strongest extrusions, galvanized steel reinforcement, and the longest-lasting, most energy-efficient glazing recipes.

Four Seasons Energy-Saving Windows and Doors have been tested and qualified by all the major accrediting and qualifying agencies including the National Fenestration Ratings Council (NFRC), the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and even ENERGY STAR in both the United States and Canada.

Transferable Lifetime Warranty Protects Investment

Four Seasons backs up its Energy-Saving Windows and Doors with a Transferable Lifetime Warranty that includes coverage for accidental glass breakage. Four Seasons' confidence in its Windows and Doors durability is so strong that its warranty is transferable to future owners, ensuring the windows and doors retain their value for a lifetime and adding real resale value to the home. Backed by a leading international manufacturer that has a track record of manufacturing energy-efficient windows and doors for nearly 40 years provides homeowners with the peace of mind in its warranty.

Dare to Compare!

Four Seasons encourages consumers to compare the performance of its Energy-Saving Windows to its competitors and is so confident in their superiority that it provides the specifications for its windows right on its website. For more information on Four Seasons Energy-Saving Windows and Doors Energy Saving Pledge, visit its website at

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