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Imports from China affect Murano Glass Industry

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Imports from China affect Murano Glass Industry, unfortunately this statement is true. Every year several authentic Murano glass factories are obliged to close down, not only because of the world crisis but because the market is invaded by fakes made in China.

Some Venetians even contribute to this situation by importing the goods from China themselves. What can be done to avoid the “extinction” of Authentic Murano Glass? There are still people on the island of Murano who believe in their art and despite the hard times continue to go to their furnace every day and work according to the tradition.

Their hard work should be honored and anyone purchasing Murano glass should only look for the authentic one even though low prices might be enticing and it is not always easy to distinguish the real from the fake.

Some glass masters sign their pieces with their initials or with their name to testify that they are authentic, on others pieces you can find the official sticker issued by the Consortium “Promovetro Murano”, but as you know it is even easier to counterfeit a sticker than a glass piece.

However there is no reason to despair as there really still are people who believe in authenticity and continue day by day their hard work in order to promote it.

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