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GlasPro Helps High-End Retailers Build Brand Identity with Fabricated Glass Storefronts

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Seeking to reinforce  company image in an increasingly competitive market place, well-known companies  such as Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Tiffany, Dior and Apple are placing  significant importance upon creating distinct and memorable impressions in the  minds of consumers through cutting edge design of retail spaces.  Chief  among design considerations is creating a storefront that is at once striking  and functional. 

Fabricated glass has  proven to be an ideal material for this purpose.  Versatile and cost  effective, it can be formed into innumerable configurations in a wide range of  colors and finishes to meet the most demanding aesthetic and structural  requirements.  

Many of the country's  leading architects and designers have crafted modern, iconic facades and  storefronts for many of the best-known brands in business today by utilizing  GlasPro technologies and products such as back-painted panels, digital graphics,  bent, over-sized tempered and custom machine-cut laminated glass. 

It is this unique  repertoire of techniques and materials that have built GlasPro's reputation as  a leader in glass solutions for those professionals shaping the public face of  high-end retail businesses such as:

Louis Vuitton,  Las Vegas.  Features opaque, back-painted  panels with custom cutout areas for logos and merchandising windows. With a  total of three different storefronts, the showroom required precise fabrication  of unique pieces to accommodate special logo alignment needs.

Dior, Las  Vegas.   Features a facade with a unique  layered composition of carved, bent glass. Over 50 unique, illuminated 1/2"  panels - some over 150" in length - are set 12" apart to form the radial  facade.

Cartier,  Las Vegas.  Consisting of more than 200  unique computer-cut panels of acid-etched laminated mirror with custom art film  creating a dynamic pattern of alternating, shaded forms.

Rock & Republic, Hollywood,  California.   Reinforcing brand image  with a distinctive style made for the spotlight this structure features heavy  fabricated glass in storefront walls as well as doors.  A massive  one-of-a-kind bent glass showroom display sets the space apart in this  intensely competitive high-end market.

Apple,  Cerritos, California.  Exemplifying  iconic Apple Store design, the clean welcoming facade features perfectly  fabricated panels of clear low-iron glass. Deceptively simple looking, the  structure is comprised of massive 170 inch tall tempered panels.

Chanel,  San Francisco, California.  This  storefront glass features a facade of opaque clad pieces and over-sized  merchandising windows the store.  The showroom staircase, lined with  laminated digital graphic glass, rises two stories and is spanned by a  perfectly aligned custom pattern of white spheres.

Tiffany & Co.,  Beverly Hills, California.  A unique  custom facade utilizing a custom laminated technique to produce a panel that  fades from a blue opaque at the edges to visually clear in the center.   Truly one of a kind.

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