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Research and Markets: Global Flat Glass Market Report: 2012 Edition

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Research and Markets ( “Global Flat Glass Market Report: 2012 Edition”

Flat glass has played an important role not only in energy conservation but also as vital component in various products and processes in the field of energy and other industries. The global flat glass demand is projected to increase at a CAGR of about 2.8% during 2012-2015 on the back of expected worldwide economic growth, government stimulus and increased infrastructural construction activity, coupled with the growth in automobile industry.

Global economic growth and new technological developments have created new and increased applications of flat glass thus driving its market. Furthermore, the consumption of flat glass is rising to meet the enhanced demand of a growing automobile industry. More and more countries are passing energy related legislations which necessitates the use of flat glass in greater proportions than ever for the purposes of better energy utilization and conservation. In addition, new advancements in PV technology has greatly widened the use of PV system, subsequently resulting in greater use of flat glass.

The capital intensive nature of the industry makes the world flat glass market place highly consolidated.

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