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New glass coating makes you feel as if window is permanently open

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Fraunhofer researchers working with industry partners have developed a coating for panes of glass that lets through more light.

Above all, it promotes the passage through the glass of those wavelengths of light that govern our hormonal balance.

Most people prefer to live in homes that are airy and flooded with light. Nobody likes to spend much time in a dark and dingy room. That's no surprise, since daylight gives us energy and has a major impact on our sense of wellbeing.

Anti-reflective glass that is more transmissive overall to daylight is reserved for certain special applications, such as in glass covers for photovoltaic modules or in glazing for shop windows.

The aim with this kind of glass is to avoid nuisance reflections and to achieve maximum light transmission at the peak emission wavelength of sunlight. This is the wavelength at which the human retina is also most sensitive to light.

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