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LandGlass, “хорошо”

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2012 Russia Glass Exhibition was held in Moscow during June 13 to 16, and LandGlass participated in this exhibition together with its agent in Russia.

Russia is located in the east of Europe and north of Asia, and covers 17.0752 million km2. It is the country with the largest territorial area in the world, the maximum distance from its east to west is 9000km, and that from its south to north is 4000km. Russia has a population of 142.9 million, and the urban population occupies 73% of the total population. Russia is one of the economic giants in the world, with its vast majority of income from resource industries including petroleum, natural gas, ore and wood. In addition, Goldman Sachs that first proposed the concept of “BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China)”, once estimated that, the economic position of Russia would surpass the U.K. and Germany in 2027 and 2028 respectively, so the economic development prospect of Russia is very bright.

LandGlass has sold over tens of convection tempering furnaces of different types in Russia, and the evaluation from the customers is “хорошо” (excellent)! One more touching thing is that many customers voluntarily assisted us in receiving new customers and describing the characteristics of our furnaces to them. Moreover, due to the abundant natural gas resources in Russia, many customers showed great interests and concerns about our newly developed high-end product—gas heating tempering furnace.

Note: “хорошо” is a Russian word meaning “excellent”

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