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Businesses must make the most of the opportunities glass offers, says new President of NSG Group Building Products

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NSG Group, one of the global leaders in innovative high performance glass and glazing solutions, has appointed Clemens Miller as President of Building Products. Miller succeeds Mark Lyons, now appointed Chief Financial Officer for the Group. Amongst other elements of his new role, Miller is charged with ensuring sustained growth for NSG Group across key emerging markets, whilst also building on its existing position in more established markets.

NSG Group Building Products supplies glass for Architectural and Technical applications, as well as for the growing Solar Energy sector. With experience across the various sectors, Clemens intimately understands the growth opportunities the company is able to pursue. Continued product development and a string of large scale investments1 by the company are helping ensure NSG Group Building Products stays ahead of changing patterns of demand for glazing products and is well positioned to realise future growth. Clemens considers the role of glass in helping address the issue of global warming as particularly relevant from both a commercial and social perspective.

An independent study, commissioned by Glass for Europe, puts this in context by showing that installation of energy-efficient glass across Europe’s existing buildings could contribute as much as a third of EU energy saving targets for buildings. NSG Group value-added glass products play a significant role in helping to reduce CO2 emissions, enhancing the energy efficiency performance of buildings.

Furthermore, the Group is a leading player in the manufacture of glass for the fast growing solar energy industry.

Miller firmly believes NSG Group glass products will become increasingly relevant in helping address the causes of climate change, and will form a key element of the strategy for growth he sees across Building Products.

Miller explains: “Irrespective of whether it’s driven through government policy or consumers wanting to save money on their energy bills, the energy efficiency of our buildings is now firmly on the agenda. NSG Group plays a key role in delivering on this agenda, by offering a comprehensive range of glass products specifically designed to enhance thermal performance of buildings new and old alike.”

Miller also highlights the contribution glass products can make in generating energy: “Our high performance glass ranges are a key component of the solar panels being used to generate renewable energy all over the world. With solar subsidies becoming more widely available as governments recognise their value in shifting to greener energy generation, the market for solar products is likely to grow dramatically over the coming years, and the NSG Group is well placed to meet this demand in all markets.”

On Clemens’ appointment, Craig Naylor, President and CEO, NSG Group explains: “We are delighted to welcome Clemens to the Board of directors of NSG Group. His extensive experience in the glass industry makes him the perfect candidate, and we look forward to seeing the fruits of his labour as more of our customers in markets across the globe invest in NSG Group products to achieve their sustainability goals.”

About NSG Group

The mission of the NSG Group is to be the global leader in innovative high performance glass and glazing solutions, contributing to energy conservation and generation, working safely and ethically. Employing around 29,300 people, the NSG Group is now one of the world’s largest manufacturers of glass and glazing products for the building trade, the automotive industry and the specialty glass sector, with principal operations in around 30 countries on four continents and sales in around 130 countries. In the fiscal year ended 31 March 2011, the Group reported sales equivalent to around €5 billion. Of the Group’s consolidated sales, 41 per cent were generated in Europe, 29 per cent in Japan, 14 per cent in North America and 16 per cent in the rest of the world.

About Clemens Miller

A German citizen, born on 21 February 1959, Clemens Miller joined Pilkington plc in 1992 from the steel industry. In his career with the company, he has managed the Group's Fire Protection and Solar Energy businesses and was appointed Managing Director Building Products Europe in 2007. Since 2010, he has been Vice President of Commercial and Solar Energy Products. Clemens Miller has a doctorate in mechanical engineering from the University of Aachen, Germany.

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