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CPFilms Announces Availability Of Automotive Window Film Designed To Thwart Vandalism, Improve Motorist Safety

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Independent Testing Demonstrates LLumar(R) Safety and Security Film Provides Enhanced Protection against Side-Impact Collisions
As families across the country prepare to send their teens back to school this fall, auto safety is top of mind. CPFilms(R), a subsidiary of Solutia Inc. Is offering parents peace of mind by announcing the availability of LLumar(R) Automotive Safety and Security Film, which is designed to provide a strong defense against the unexpected, including side-impact collisions and smash-and-grab theft.
The multilayered, optically clear film is applied to standard auto glass and is available through CPFilms' extensive nationwide network of authorized professional dealers. This added layer of protection thwarts thieves from quick, opportunistic break-ins and helps to prevent flying glass shards from injuring passengers in side-impact collisions.
LLumar Safety and Security film can protect passengers from flying glass and debris in these accidents, while also helping to support side airbag system performance by keeping the airbags from being forced outward through shattered window openings.
Considering that statistics from the FBI rank vehicle and vehicle accessory theft as the No. 1 type of larceny in the United States, vehicle owners will be glad to know that LLumar Safety and Security Film can help deter a "smash and grab" attack by strengthening the glass, effectively slowing access to the vehicle's interior.
The increased time to complete a break-in creates a disturbance, calling attention to thieves and potentially forcing them to abandon their efforts or move on to another vehicle. In addition, the extra time affords an opportunity for motorists to escape by safely driving away.
"For all motorists, but especially for families with teenage drivers, LLumar Automotive Safety and Security Film provides an extra degree of protection when the unthinkable happens. And the best part is that you can't tell it's there until you need it," said Lisa Winckler, director of product development and technology for CPFilms, manufacturer of LLumar film. "Side-impact collisions and smash-and-grab theft may be out of the automobile owner's control, but LLumar window film can play a critical role in keeping drivers and their passengers safe in these situations."
Last year, LLumar Automotive Safety and Security Film demonstrated outstanding performance in an independent side-collision test conducted by the DEKRA Automobil Test Center in Klettwitz, Germany. Using the frame of an Audi 80, two different driver-side doors were tested - one with no film and one with LLumar 7-mil safety film.
An acceleration sled simulated a 10 mph pole side impact. The unfilmed glass shattered and flew into the driver's face and body, while the glass protected by LLumar was completely contained by the film. This data is particularly relevant considering the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that side-impact collisions will cause approximately 30 percent of all auto crash injuries by 2020.
The film was originally showcased at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) trade show in Las Vegas last fall. SEMA show attendees were able to witness the strength of LLumar's Automotive Safety and Security Film firsthand as they tried to break auto glass treated with this professionally installed automotive film. A video clip of the product's performance can be viewed at  
LLumar Automotive Safety and Security Film is also available in a solar-control version that:
-- blocks 99 percent of damaging UVA and UVB rays, protecting passengers' skin and eyes, as well as the interior of the vehicle;
-- reduces heat gain, creating a cooler and more comfortable vehicle;
-- filters glare, providing a safer view of the road.
LLumar Automotive Safety and Security Film can be professionally installed as a retrofit application in vehicles in a matter of hours. For more information about the product, and a listing of distributors, visit  
Corporate Profile
Solutia is a market-leading performance materials and specialty chemicals company. The company focuses on providing solutions for a better life through a range of products, including: Saflex(R) interlayer for laminated glass; CPFilms(R) aftermarket window films sold under the LLumar(R) brand and others; high-performance nylon polymers and fibers sold under brands such as Vydyne(R) and Wear-Dated(R); and technical specialties including the Flexsys(R) family of chemicals for the rubber industry, Skydrol(R) aviation hydraulic fluid and Therminol(R) heat transfer fluid. Solutia's businesses are world leaders in each of their market segments. With its headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, the company operates globally with approximately 6,000 employees in more than 60 locations. More information is available at

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