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Cast Iron Cross Conveyor Unveiled

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Lance Miller describes a recent cast iron cross conveyor innovation from Emhart Glass.

Emhart Glass, the leading international supplier of machinery and equipment for
the glass manufacturing industry, has announced its 182 cast iron cross conveyor.?The equipment features a simple design, based on a cast iron girder, available in lengths of 4m - 7.5m in 0.5m increments. Lengths over 5.5m are supplied in two pieces, connected with a jointing plate.
The use of an iron girder reduces vibration and minimises distortion due to heat. It also reduces installation service requirements and is built to last for many years. In contrast with traditional aluminium and fabricated steel cross conveyors, the conveyor needs no fluid cooling, reducing cost and avoiding the risk of girder
distortion due to failed cooling.
The 182 cross conveyor includes stainless steel dead plates (adjustable for tilt and rock) and can be precisely attached to the end of the machine conveyor for an exact transition. It also features hardened spring steel wear plates and a 6in (152.4mm) silent chain belt, with a gear ratio that caters for belt speeds from 6m/min to 72m/min.
The conveyor is compatible with a range of different lehr widths and heights and four different heights of support are available. Supports are predesigned to accommodate cooling piping for servo motors, which is available as an option.?
This development will make life much easier for glassmakers. As well as offering better, more stable container handling, it is easy to install and has no running
costs for cooling. It is a ‘one size fits all’ solution, ready to work with any lehr and it is built to last.

Cross conveyor transfer end.

Type 182 cast iron cross conveyor from Emhart Glass.

Lengths over 5.5m are supplied in two pieces, connected with a jointing plate.

Cross conveyor dead plate.

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