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Case Study: Skylight Installation Creates Environmentally Friendly Rooftop

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Ken Laremore,
Carlisle SynTec
When the warehouse skylights of Mrs. T's Pierogies started to leak, Atecco, Inc., operator of the largest pierogi company in the U.S., knew that a long-term solution was necessary. The warehouse stored most of the necessities for creating the pierogi company's famous Polish specialty (potato flakes, flour and salt), items that could not be left susceptible to leaky skylights. Realizing the environmental and economical benefits of daylighting, the company began to search for a high-performance, watertight alternative to the traditional skylights that had been installed on the rooftop.

With the advice from a Pennsylvania roofing company, the company installed a 20-year EPDM roofing and DryLight™ daylighting system, manufactured by Carlisle SynTec, to replace the building’s 50 existing skylights.

Construction of the 70,000 square foot facility began with a complete tear-off of the building’s existing stone ballast and loose-laid EPDM. Although 50 skylights needed to be installed, the company’s employees were working in much-improved conditions underneath a leak-free, environmentally friendly rooftop in just a matter of days.

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