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QUANTUM GLASS - The RATP Passengers Will Now Stay in Warmth While Waiting for the Bus

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From 22 May, and ongoing for 6 months, the RATP is going to run an experimental pilot bus station bringing together several innovations (at the Boulevard Diderot in Paris).
Among these services is E-GLAS technology by QUANTUM GLASS - a completely transparent glazing which diffuses a gentle radiant heat towards the passengers at a low temperature.

Within the framework of the European EBSF (European Bus System of the Future) project, the RATP has been involved for over 10 years at a European level in bringing about a new generation of bus transport solutions.
Designed to make taking the bus a more attractive option, this experimental station, operating from May to October 2012 (built at the location of the current bus shelter for the “Gare de Lyon - Diderot” stop, at 17 boulevard Diderot - 75012 Paris) has been designed as a public multi-service microspace combining quality and comfort; a bus stop designed for passengers, passers-by and locals.
QUANTUM GLASS is essential to this group of services, providing a way for users to keep warm while waiting for their bus. Our E-GLAS technology (heat-up glazing) from the HEATSKIN range has been used as the central wall for the station. This totally transparent glazing diffuses a gentle radiant heat at a low temperature.
Commonly used for a facade, this glazing offers additional comfort in the public space, and changes the way customers perceive their bus station; it becomes a social space in its own right.

The RATP has called on the architect-designer Marc Aurel, who had already been chosen to design the urban furniture for the tram stations of the coming T6 line, and who is well-known for his work promoting the quality of public areas and urban furniture.

A transparent and heat-providing layer which avoids any kind of cold wall effect, removes the risk of  condensation and provides the comfort and health  benefits of radiant heat. Architects use HEAT SKIN  solutions to provide more natural daylight inside  buildings and the benefits of healthy, comfortable radiant heat from all of the glazed surfaces.

E-GLAS technology is particularly suitable for cold and/or humid environments (toilets, swimming pools etc.). It is made up of heat-up and transparent double glazing which insulates from the exterior cold, and removes the sensations of a cold wall and the effects of condensation. Used as a roof, the glass can be equipped with an “automatic snow-clearing” function.

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