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Saint-Gobain Glass at the Buddh International Racing Circuit

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Saint-Gobain Glass’ presence on the international circuit is nothing new. And neither is the fact that it has always remained ahead of its times when it comes to creating innovative new products. So, when the iconic new racing track had to make its presence felt in India, Saint-Gobain Glass had to be its natural choice. After all, it was about the best complementing the very best.

Buddh International Circuit is India’s first premier motorsport destination and host to the country’s first F1  Grand Prix. Besides the F1, it will play host to other top-level international motorsport events such as GT1 Championship and World Superbike Series. The world-renowned F1 Track Architects, Tilke GmbH, were chosen to oversee the construction of this landmark and when they were to select the glazing materials, Saint-Gobain Glass was their clear choice.

The main areas that called for glazing were: The Grandstand, The Pit-Stops and The Team Building blocks. Glass, with its unique functionality, could prove to be an integral element for the circuit blocks. Hence, the chief design criteria that the glazing solution had to meet, were:

a) Futuristic look

b) Unhindered views

c) Comfort (Solar/Thermal/Acoustic) and an

d) Unparalleled “LIVE” experience

Following the brief, SGG swung into action to deliver a solution that was not just design savvy but hugely elevated the viewer experience as well. For this prestigious project, it chose the SGG Nano Icy Menthol, an advanced glazing solution that would perfectly meet all the specific requirements.

  • SGG Nano Icy Menthol is a silver coated dual advantage Solar control and Low-E glass that provides enhanced solar control, and thermal insulation.
  • The glass solution has a lowest in its class Solar factor of 0.28 and U-value of 1.8W/sqmK providing the occupants of the building with utmost Solar and Acoustic comfort.
  • The Double Glazed glass solution with its state of the art performance parameters of lowest internal reflection of 12% (lesser than that of a clear DGU) helps enhance the viewing experience.

The Grand stand and Pit-stops ensured unhindered views of the track providing the viewers with an experience that would transport them to the midst of the thrilling action. Not just that, the glass helped in keeping the interiors insulated from the scorching heat while filtering out excess noise from the track.

The result? A clear winner in Saint-Gobain Glass taking pole position on the fast track – yet again!

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