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ICD Hires & Promotes For: Plant Manager, Applications Specialist, R&D Manager, Technical Service, & Product Commercialization Liaison

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Vancouver, WA ~ ICD is pleased to announce a few recent new hires as well as promotions from within the company. ICD High Performance Coatings is the world leader in silicone based coatings for such substrates as glass, as well as a global leader in silicone technology.

Abram Scurlock - Applications Specialist ICD

Abram Scurlock has been promoted to Applications Specialist within ICD’s Technical Service department. Abe has worked for ICD for ten years, starting in production and progressing through the company as a chemist and now in the vital role that bridges our coatings with the various application methods and substrates. Prior to this, Abe served ICD as R&D Manager where he honed the craft of being a formulating chemist. What Abe enjoys most is being a problem-solver and working with our customers. When he’s not solving issues, he’s slaying the biggest NW Steelhead fish you have ever seen. Or so he says…

James Butler - Plant Manager for ICD

James Butler has recently been hired as ICD’s new Plant Manager. Jim has served the glass industry for over eleven years, with a strong focus on managing teams. Jim was brought to ICD for not only his vast management experience but his drive and desire for “lean” manufacturing and Six Sigma. Prior to the glass industry, Jim served our country in the United States Marine Corps, separating after six years as a Captain. We are proud of the time Jim served as well as of all ICD’s employees who have or currently do serve our Country. Jim just returned from a weekend to watch the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Georgia; where he swears, he was on TV waving to his Mom…

Nrupen Patel - ICD R&D Manager

Nrupen Patel has recently been promoted to ICD’s R&D Manager. Nrupen has been with ICD for two years, starting as a formulating chemist. He holds two Masters, one in polymers and coatings and one in paints and varnishes. With the last one being attained at Eastern Michigan University. His first Masters and undergraduate work was attained from SP University in Gujarat, India. His greatest area of interest is in polymer synthesis, a new area of expertise ICD is glad to have. This is Nrupen’s first management position and one he’s already excelling at.

Jeff Nicholson - Product Commercialization Liaison

Jeff Nicholson has recently been promoted to Product Commercialization Liaison.
With experience in the steel industry as a Production Lead, Jeff was the ideal person to place into ICD new liaison position. This position is vital to new-product success. His responsibility is to bridge the gap between R&D and production by placing new-products into our production stream and ensuring customer satisfaction with fewer problematic product launches. Jeff, like Jim Butler, is an avid champion of both “Lean” manufacturing and Six Sigma.

Duane Jennrich - Technical Service

Duane Jennrich has recently been hired as a Technical Service Technician.
One of the greatest qualities of anyone serving in ICD’s Tech Service department, is the ability to problem-solve across many areas. Duane exemplifies this by being not only a man of all trades but truly being a master of them all. From past experience in various subcontracting disciplines to being an outstanding woodworker, Duane is a much welcome addition to our tech team. If you have a guitar handy, ask him to play Hendrix’s “Little Wing” for you…

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