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Smartglass: In House Manufacturing Increased to Four Meters

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We are delighted to announce that the final operational upgrades are now in place to offer our flagship conservatory roof product in lengths of up to 4000mm, at typical panel width.

Whilst in the majority of cases, even for larger conservatories it is rare that our current standard length of 3000 is exceeded, however we’ve been aware for some time that there are a small number of designs that require panels over this size, required to avoid the use of muntin bars and other joining constructions.  As part of our comprehensive package, were delighted now to be able to serve this small but important sector of the market.

With volumes in our dedicated sister SMARTGLASSTM factory continuing to grow rapidly, to facilitate this we’ve now equipped our main site with the specialist glass stocks required and with our large scale 4200×2100 Tamglass furnace we can now safely and easily manufacture toughened panels in SMARTGLASSTM Blue and Neutral up to 4000mm in length. To compliment this, the addition of a new SMARTGLASSTM assembly line in the main factory brings the total number of IG lines across both sites to five, two of which feature fully automated triple glazed gas presses and robot gunning.

As well as this oversize capability, with this further investment in place available capacity has been increased by 30%, and with the most rapid sales growth since its launch 7 years ago, the success of SMARTGLASSTM as a truly national brand is guaranteed.

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