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Glass clearly gives cabinets a new look

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SEE THE DIFFERENCE: A pane of glass upgrades a plain cabinet door.

Home-improvement ideas occasionally come so effortlessly you can't believe it took so long to think of them.

More than a few kitchens are limited by stock cabinets, all flat fronts and no pizazz. Like our cabinets. Without wasting a minute, we had the dark, stained walnut cabinets painted white. Still, they lacked interest.

Then the thought struck me like a bolt of lightning: Cut a rectangle out of the center of three cabinet doors, use a laminate trimmer to cut out a quarter-inch ledge to hold a piece of glass, and secure with a few glass clips. It was almost too easy.

Materials you need for this transformation:

Solid wood cabinet doors



Straight edge

Router or smaller laminate trimmer


Touch-up paint


Glass cut to fit

Glass clips to hold glass in place

What you do:

1. Place cabinet doors on flat surface.

2. Measure and mark area to be cut out.

3. Drill a large hole near an inside corner of your measured rectangle.

4. Measure out from your marked cutting line to the outside edge of the jigsaw and attach a straight edge, using clamps for a cutting guide for the jigsaw. Cut around each side until entire area is cut out.

5. Set the 5/8" laminate trimmer bit to cut 1/4" deep.

6. Set up a straight edge guide for routing the ledge.

After routing, you will have to chisel out the corners to make sharp right angles for glass.

7. Sand newly cut edges all around each door front.

8. Prime and paint newly cut wood.

9. Carefully place cut glass into the back side of the cabinet doors, attach clips with screws, and put doors back on cabinets.

10. Admire your cabinets.

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