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International Construction Week. Prizewinning Projects at the 10th International VETECO/ASEFAVE Awards

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The jury for the tenth edition of the VETECO/ASEFAVE international awards has announced the winning projects in the four categories. The project entitled “Renovation of the Barracks of the Reales Guardias de Corps” (Conde Duque Building, Madrid), by architect Carlos De Riaño Lozano, was awarded the VETECO ASEFAVE first prize in the first category of Best Window Award.

In the second category (Award for Best Curtain Wall), the prize was taken by the project “Home between dividing walls - Casa Guardiola-Babecka”, in the Puente de Vallecas district of Madrid, by architects Rafael Guridi and Cristina Tartás from “Guriditartás Arquitectos”. The third category, which was the Award for Best Renovation, was given to the project “Resource Centre for Disabled People”, in Silleda (Pontevedra), by architects Óscar Andrés Quintela, Iván Andrés Quintela and Lourdes Pérez Castro, from “Arrokabe Arquitectos SLP”.

In the fourth category, Best Final Degree Project using Curtain Walls, the award was given to the project entitled “Berlin Neu-Bahnhof Zooolgischer Garten” (Berlin), by Gonzalo del Val, from the School of Architecture of the European University of Madrid.

The tenth edition of the VETECO/ASEFAVE Awards was held against a backdrop of change in the glass enclosure sector in Spain. However, the major crisis in the construction industry should also have positive consequences both for manufacturers and for those responsible for designing new buildings. The aim of these awards is to reflect this time of change, once again highlighting products, both windows and curtain walls, which show commitment to quality, design and the increasingly important concepts of energy efficiency, sustainability and respect for the environment.

As a new item this year, the former award for innovation has been encompassed in a more general concept towards which the sector is moving, that of renovation. On many occasions, renovation projects are those that require the most innovation and technological effort, both in the manufacture and installation of products. This has led to an award being created in this category.

Finally, the VETECO/ASEFAVE Awards continue to encourage interest among future opinion leaders in finding out more about glass enclosures and, once again, they include the category of award for the best final degree projects.

The prizes will be awarded on 9 May at 6.30 pm at the VETECO 2012 International Window, Curtain Walls and Structural Glass Trade Show (Sala de Maquetas, Feria de Madrid Office Building). All entries will also be on display at the show between 8 and 11 May 2012.

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