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Achievement in R&D of the First Piece of Glass in the World with the Function of “Memory”

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If you cover a piece of transparent glass with papers printed with words and images, and then make high-energy electromagnetic radiation by short-wavelength-ultraviolet-rays, X-rays and γ-rays, the glass will be able to automatically “memorize” these words and images. When it is exposed to lights with long wavelength like sunshine, this kind of glass kept in dark background can also present these words and images.

This kind of fantastic glass is successfully developed by the research team headed by Su Qiang, and Li Chengyu, an academician and a doctor respectively of Chang Chun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is made through special process with a new red long afterglow luminescent material, and it is this research team that first discovered the “memory” feature of glass in the world.

The long afterglow luminescent material can give off light without using electricity, which can be used widely in industry and in civil field. After the technology of “light storage” becomes more mature, there will be unlimited potential for it to be used widely in high-tech industries. All the content of an encyclopedia can be “written” on a thumb-sized glass chip, and the three-dimensional dynamic image can be preserved in good condition for a long time.

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