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The Symposium On Glass Furnace Technology 2008 will be held in Tianjin

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The Symposium On Furnace Technology for Glass Bottles 2008 will be held from September 10- 12, 2008 in Tianjin. The symposium will be co-organized by Technical Advisory Committee of China Daily Glass Association, Furnace Specialized Committee of the Chinese Ceramic Society Glass Branch, and Refractory Branch of the Chinese Ceramic Society.

This meeting has been greatly supported by a lot of technicians and managers. Till August 6, sponsors of the meeting received more than 20 articles, referring to the design, operation, maintenance of glass furnace, and new technologies for energy conservation and emission reduction and so on. Those articles will play a role to teach and help technicians and operators engaging in the field of furnace and heating technology. These articles will be compiled into a collection and shared with delegates during the meeting.

During the meeting, the following activities will be organized:

Hot topics such as pure oxygen combustion and refractory will be discussed according to the issues on production technology.

Learn and discuss on the “Cleaning, Production & Evaluating System for Daily Glass Industry (Trial)” with the explanations from Professor Liang Dehai, the main drafter.

Comment and discuss on the “access conditions for daily glass industry (draft)” written by China Daily Glass Association.

Learn and discuss “access conditions for flat glass industry” and “cleaning and production standard for float glass”.

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