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Project Qatar 2012: QUANTUM GLASS? Creates a 1/100th City to Present its Hybrid Glasses Dedicated to Building Facades

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QUANTUM GLASS™ will attend Project Qatar 2012, the 9th International Trade Construction, Building, Environmental Technology & Materials Exhibition, which will be held from April 30 to May 3, 2012 in Doha (Qatar).
A city model (1/100th) will be presented on our booth (Hall 1 / J144), putting into perspective the solutions of our range Hybrid Skin (Active glass solutions for building facades).

A skyscraper working as a digital media creation without obstructing the view from the inside of the building, buildings with glass facades that can be switched from transparent to tinted depending on the level of sunlight, a glass canopy providing protection against heat,…

No, you're not dreaming. These technologies do exist!
They are called SageGlass, DMF 2.0, PRIVA-LITE and are already available. Understanding in a fair the tangible benefits of these hybrid glasses dedicated to building facades is not that easy ... Which is why a city of 5 x 6 meters was created.

Hybrid skin includes active glass solutions for facades, designed to abolish the concept of the facade as a physical barrier by multiplying the connections and interactions between internal and external environments.

Dynamic solar control, privacy management, integrated heating or medium for creativity in digital and light imagery… glass becomes a hybrid material that transforms facades into smart architectural envelopes capable of interacting dynamically with the climatic and urban environments.
In this context, the facade becomes a second transparent skin; an ideal, protective and communicative membrane capable of change.


SageGlass technology provides dynamic management of daylight and thermal contribution made by windows and facades by enabling users to control the tint of the glazing without blocking the view… the transition from transparent state to dark tint can be initiated manually or automatically in response to changes in the weather or the required level of comfort within the building.

* Technology developed in partnership with Sage


Offering full compliance with all applicable standards covering facade glazing (solar control, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, etc.), DMF 2.0 technology is a large-scale double glazing solution that incorporates a matrix of LEDs to enable the display of all types of digital content (video, still images, graphics, etc.) without obscuring outward view.
Integrating this matrix into a glass partition wall offers an architectural solution that is equally elegant when viewed from outside or inside.

** Technology developed in partnership with Citiled


PRIVA-LITE technology is a thermal and sound-insulating laminated glazing solution incorporating a liquid crystal film that can manage transparency on demand, changing instantly from clear state to translucent, and vice versa.
Going far beyond simply removing the need for curtains and other mechanical filters, QUANTUM GLASS™ PRIVACY Skin solutions deliver a response to user needs for user privacy (seclusion, confidentiality, concentration, etc.) without compromising light transmission.

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