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AGC Announces Laying of Cornerstone at First Glass Manufacturing Facility in Brazil

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CEO Kazuhiko Ishimura declares “AGC is here to grow together with Brazil”

AGC, a world-leading manufacturer of glass, chemicals and high-tech materials, today conducted a cornerstone-laying ceremony in Guaratinguetá, São Paulo State, Brazil, to commemorate the start of construction on its first manufacturing facility in the country.

The facility in Guaratinguetá, which is scheduled to begin operations starting in 2013, will manufacture architectural and automotive glass. By 2016, the facility is expected to have a workforce of approximately 500 people most of who will be hired locally. By then, the production capacity is expected to reach 220,000 tons of construction glass per year. The facility is also expected to produce automotive glass for 500,000 vehicles per year also by 2016.

AGC President & CEO Kazuhiko Ishimura, who led the cornerstone-laying ceremony, delivered a speech before an audience of over 400 people including São Paulo State Secretary of Metropolitan Development Edson Aparecido, federal and state government representatives and Japanese government authorities.

During his speech, Ishimura said, “Today marks an important day that the AGC Group takes its first step of a long and prosperous journey it will take together with the Brazilian people. As AGC carries out its business operations in Brazil, I will always maintain my strong belief that AGC is here to grow together with Brazil.”

Ishimura also touched on three main points, which were 1) the importance of Brazil to the AGC Group, 2) the group’s endeavors for sustainability, and 3) AGC’s contribution to Brazilian society through its products.
In describing the importance of Brazil to the AGC Group, Ishimura said, “For us, the establishment of a manufacturing facility in South America is a dream come true. I am very happy to be able to take the initial step here today toward that dream in this attractive market that is Brazil. We the AGC Group intend to stay in Brazil for a long, long time, and we promise to provide our products and services made in Brazil by Brazilians for Brazilian customers.”

Regarding the group’s endeavors for sustainability, Ishimura stated, “We strive to be a company that contributes to the realization of a sustainable society,” and stressed the fact that AGC will provide products with high energy-saving properties, incorporating its most advanced energy-saving technologies in its glass manufacturing process. Ishimura also conveyed the group’s plans to contribute in a variety of ways to the city of Guaratinguetá, suggesting, “AGC Brazil plans to hire about 500 employees in and around Guaratinguetá. AGC will look further ahead, and contribute to the development of human resources by training future generations of skilled professionals.”

In terms of AGC’s contribution to Brazilian society, Ishimura stated, “As the world’s number 1 glass manufacturer, the AGC Group has consistently responded to the needs of customers from around the world,” and added, “We the AGC Group are confident that we will bring comfort and convenience to our Brazilian customers by providing solutions incorporating the latest technologies based on the high quality and reliability that support the businesses of our customers around the world.”

AGC Vidros do Brasil Ltda., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the AGC Group, will oversee AGC’s business activities in Brazil including operation of the facility, under the leadership of President Davide Capellino.

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