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Fenzi Dominates the China Glass Stage

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Products from the Glass Alliance international network (that comprises Fenzi, Alu-Pro and Rolltech) received a warm welcome at the trade show that just ended in Shanghai. Glass Alliance markets and distributes IG production systems and all related accessories world-wide.

The entire product line was brilliantly showcased in the newly renovated stand. Prominently displayed alongside the range of Duralux mirror backing paints, the first product to be exported and produced by Fenzi in China was Butylver. The top quality performance of this poly-isobutylene based primary sealant for insulating glass, the latest addition to the Fenzi China Paints and Sealants Company Limited product line, has already met with the approval of customers. At China Glass the spotlight was also on the Tempver line of ceramic paints, much sought-afteracross China and all other Asian markets, as well as on Glassolux, the line of cold paints, another best-seller fueled by the ever-growing demand of the Chinese furnishing industry.

Excellent performance in terms of durability, environmental compatibility as well as the extreme ease of use of its products allowed the company to remain at the forefront of the fast growing Asian market scene for several years now. This is a great source of pride for Stefano Pozzi, General Manager of the Group’s Chinese Division, who states: “The potential of our products being clearly appreciated by our Customers is what allowed us to achieve large production volumes; we expec t2012 to be a positive year, also thanks to the policies newly introduced by the Chinese Government to boost national demand in the next few years”.

Excellent contacts also underline the importance of the trade show at an international level: “China Glass has become a strategic international event – confirms Alessandro Fenzi, CEO of the Group– We are quite aware of the fact that for those like us, with 85% of sales being generated in 80 different countries, China Glass has always been a fundamental venue for meeting clients from allover the world”.

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