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SunGuard? SNX 60/28 – a Glass Jewel Box for the Prestigious Aston Martin

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Aston Martin just opened its new car dealership in Luxembourg. The British stars are put on show behind panoramic windows in an ultramodern showroom. Thanks to the Arnold Kontz Group investment of 2,5 million euro in the new facility, the British car maker enjoys 400 m2 space to present up to 8 cars simultaneously. In order to give them the jewel box they deserve the Arnold Kontz Group selected an ultra perfomance glass, newest Guardian’s technological innovation produced in the Bascharage’s facilities.

Selected glass (a SunGuard® SNX 60/28) is the last born generation of solar control glass with a combination of transparence and performances at the forefront of technology. The high light transmission (60%) ensures the maximum use of natural daylight and provides nice cars lovers with the possibility to admire with an exceptional rendering the depth of colors, which makes the reputation of the British brand. Combined with an extremely efficient solar factor (only 28% of total solar energy transmitted into the building through the glass) and a thermal insulation of 1.0 W/m2.K when used in a standard double glazed unit, it provides a more comfortable internal environment, ensuring low energy cooling costs in summer and avoiding heat loss in winter. This outstanding performance is obtained through a magnetron vaacum sputtering of metal oxydes, including 3 silver layers, on an ExtraClear glass substrate. This high selective glass with neutral appearance is one of the very best solutions currently available on the market and allows very often to avoid expensive and inelegant sun protections altering the aspect of the façade.

For this realization the Guardian Group was able to count on the know-how of local partners. The Luxemburgish company Sermelux, specialized in glass façades building, always looking for the newest technical improvements and, and the company Fandel, established in Bitburg on the German side of the border, producing high quality insulated glazings, combined their skills in order to give this gorgeous showroom to the cars of the mythical British luxury sports cars manufacturer, “official supplier” of James Bond.

SunGuard® SNX 60/28 solar control glass, last innovation of Luxguard Bascharage, is also perfect for other applications like conservatories or verandas, commercial or office buildings, completely glazed façades and any type of windows. It can be implemented as well in the renovation as in the construction of new buildings. The solar control coating is also available on laminated glass for safety, security or acoustic applications.

When the requirements in ecological performances of buildings become more and more insistent, the glass SunGuard ® SNX 60/28 stands out as a major actor in the conception of buildings and is an important asset allowing to obtain certifications HQE, DGNB, Breeam, Leed or other.

For more information about Guardian products visit the website www.sunguardglass.com.

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