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Award winning TULiPPS Solar B.V. first to use glass of Ducatt

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TULiPPS Solar B.V. won the 2012 Dutch Solar Innovation Awards in the Industrial Development category. Managing director Paul Stassen succeeded in developing a 500 Wp PV module: COSMOS®.
A prototype was produced with 2 mm tempered glass of Ducatt. Kiwa N.V., an independent solar-module testing and certification organization, executed two tests.

The first test was a ‘Module Breakage Test’ in which a ball of 45,5 kg is dropped from a maximum height of 122 cm to destroy the module in order to see how the glass fragments. This test had an outcome that has never been seen before: the module survived 3 out of 3 impacts. The glass did not break, no underlying solar cells were damaged and above that the module retained 95 % of its original electrical output.
For the ‘Hail Impact Test’ the 500 Wp COSMOS® module was bombarded with ice balls that were 25 mm in diameter. The ice balls hit the module with 51,5 m/s at several places and again the COSMOS® module did not show any loss of output and there were no signs of micro-cracks.
TULiPPS Solar B.V. wants to work with the ultra-thin glass of Ducatt to produce these COSMOS® modules. Not only because the glass of Ducatt is ultra-thin but it is also ultra-clear and toughened, a unique combination.

Download the full press release of TULiPPS Solar B.V. here (pdf, 375 kb).

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