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Edgetech I.G. Provides Certified Gasglass Calibration Services

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Sparklike, Ltd. of Helsinki, Finland, recently re-confirmed Edgetech’s processes and procedures for servicing Gasglass gas detectors, signifying that the company meets or exceeds the rigid requirements for proper calibration. Edgetech is the exclusive distributor of Gasglass in the Americas, Europe and Australia. “Proper Gasglass calibration is a sophisticated process that includes data collection, analysis and sometimes intricate repairs,” said Mike Burk, manager, workplace learning and performance. “Edgetech’s employees undergo extensive training and follow specific procedures to ensure that our customers’ devices are performing at optimal levels of accuracy.”Prior to calibration, Gasglass devices are thoroughly inspected and tested. The electronics, optics, mechanics and software are tested, upgraded and repaired, if required. Calibration begins by igniting the Gasglass device more than 270 times using nine calibration gases, while technicians record the spectrum of each spark. This data is then uploaded to Sparklike where an instrument-specific algorithm is developed and then downloaded back into the Gasglass device.Edgetech has been a distributor of Sparklike’s Gasglass and Spyglass products since early 2010. For more information on these products, visit www.edgetech360.com. 13.01.2011, Sparklike, Ltd. / Edgetech

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