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Huët Glass Logistics in Tiel (the Netherlands) has added the unique MaXi-Trailer® concept for glass transport to the market. This will to a large extent begin to replace the traditional inloader.

Van Huët Glass Logistics (a division of the Emons Group) is introducing a completely new concept for the transport of large sized float glass (6 m x 3.21 m) by making use of the MaXi-Trailer. What is unique about this concept is that the MaXi-Trailer has been made multi-functional for the transport of both special glass and general goods.

In this way, costs are saved with regard to the glass products, amounting to a savings of 10% to 15% compared to the present situation. Furthermore, this concept reduces CO2 emissions by up to a maximum of 50%. With multi-modal usage, this can even reach a decrease of 75%! The reduction of fine dust emissions amounts to between 80% and 90%. These results stem from the fact that the MaXi-Trailer is able to transport cargo both on the way there and on the way back. A special glass trailer can only transport glass, and must therefore return empty.

Van Huët Glass Logistics has developed and patented this MaXi-Trailer concept independently, and in close cooperation with a well-established European builder of trailers, this trailer is being produced on an exclusive basis.

Until now, the transport of float glass (glass that is among other things used in the construction of offices, industrial complexes and as insulation glass in houses) only takes place in specially designed trailers (so-called inloaders). Because these trailers have been specially designed for glass frames, they can transport only glass as return cargo. This is why, until now, these trailers have had to drive long distances with no return cargo.

The newly developed MaXi-Trailer is able to transport glass on a glass frame which is integrated in the trailer, and which sinks into the load floor of the MaXi-Trailer after use. This results in the creation of a ‘normal´ mega trailer which can transport general commodities (up to 34 euro pallets). A further important environmental and savings advantage is created because the MaXi-Trailer concept is fully inter modal, meaning, on suitable routes, the cargo can therefore also be transported per ship or rail.

Making use of three test trailers, Van Huët has intensively tested this concept over the past year. With over 500,000 kilometres of travelled distance, the new MaXi-Trailer® concept has amply proven itself.

Starting in November 2008, the new MaXi-Trailers will be introduced into the market. The official presentation of this innovative development will take place at Glasstec, which is being held from 21 through 25 October 2008, in Düsseldorf.

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