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New PURE Glass Bottles Make for Easy Transport and Naturally Pure Taste

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“If you give people a choice,” says Walt Himelstein, inventor of the PURE Glass Bottle , “99 percent will choose to drink out of glass. It’s been around for thousands of years and is the drinking material of choice.” But, according to Himelstein, “people don’t feel comfortable carrying it out of their house.” As a practicing environmental chemist for 23 years, Himelstein came up with a simple solution: the PURE Glass Bottle.PURE Glass Bottles combine the purity of glass with a permanent clear, BPA-free, protective outer coating, for shatter and impact resistance. The coating is a proprietary plastisol approved for food contact, which Himelstein perfected working with coating manufacturers.It’s portable for hot or cold beverages, reusable, and according to the PURE web site allows consumers to “enjoy the crisp, clean taste of your chosen beverage without the fear of leaching or contamination.” The PURE glass bottle is made from 20% recycled glass and is 100% recyclable, along with the coating. “It’s a natural product and people are looking for this,” says Himelstein. 20.01.2011, GPI

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