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Pythagoras Solar’s Involvement Highlights Importance of Advanced Technologies in Commercial Building Retrofits

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 Pythagoras Solar, provider of the industry’s first solar window to simultaneously deliver energy efficiency, high power density and optimized daylighting, today announced its participation and contribution of solar window technology to the Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems (CSE) Building Technology Showcase, a first-of-its-kind research and demonstration building for sustainable technologies in the City of Boston’s Innovation District. Pythagoras Solar is one of 35+ partners contributing a combined total of $2.7 million in advanced building energy technologies and services for the new “living laboratory.” 

"We are delighted to incorporate Pythagoras Solar's innovative solar window technology into our facility," said Fraunhofer CSE Building Energy Efficiency Group Leader Kurt Roth. "Building-integrated solar PV is an important technology for commercial construction, and we're excited to enter into a partnership with Pythagoras to benefit from and help refine the technology's energy production potential as well as impacts on lighting, heating, and cooling."

“Pythagoras Solar is excited to contribute its technology to the Fraunhofer CSE Showcase to help raise awareness for sustainable innovations and in particular solar window technology,” said Udi Paret, VP Marketing and Business Development, Pythagoras Solar.  “We are proud to have our technology demonstrated alongside industry leaders, such as Guardian Industries.  Together, we can show that products that truly stand to change the way buildings are built are available today.  Forward thinking building developers and architects can now see our solar windows in action firsthand and better understand how they can turn facades into energy generating assets.” 

Pythagoras Solar’s Photovoltaic Glass Unit (PVGU), or solar window, provides significant and simultaneous benefits including energy efficiency, optimized daylighting, and high density solar power generation in a standard double-pane window form factor. This PVGU is easy-to-install, designed to meet advanced building codes and standards, can be optimized for a variety of uses and offers attractive economics with a typical ROI of 3-5 years. The first products are designed for curtain wall and skylight applications.  Currently, Pythagoras Solar is shipping products for commercial projects and starting to deliver on a full pipeline of projects across the United States.

“In addition to making the Building Technology Showcase the premier research and demonstration laboratory for clean energy technologies, we are committed to making the building a venue where everyone—from seasoned architects and construction executives to students still deciding their future career paths—can visualize the performance and potential of the technologies incorporated into the building,” said Nolan Browne, Managing Director of Fraunhofer CSE. “Our goal is to present the information in innovative ways that engage visitors and create demand for these energy-saving systems and sustainable products in the market.”

Industry Partners Contributing to the Showcase:
Controls and Building Management:

OutSmart Power Systems

Interior Products / Systems:
ThyssenKrupp Elevator            
nora systems, Inc                

Guardian Industries              
Pythagoras Solar                 
Cooley Group                     
Dow Corning                      
Erie Architectural Products

Solar Energy Systems:
Schueco USA                             

Baltimore Air Coil Company (BAC)    
Taco, Inc.                          
Clearwater Systems Corporation      
Watts Water Technologies, Inc.      
Emerson Swan

Lighting /Shading Systems:
Hunter Douglas                              
Osram Sylvania                              
Entech Solar                                

Audio / Visual and Controls:
Crestron Electronics, Inc.                     
The Sextant Group                              
Infocomm International

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About Pythagoras Solar

Founded in 2007, Pythagoras Solar is uniquely positioned at the intersection of energy efficient building materials and photovoltaics. The company provides building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) products that enable the architecture, engineering and construction sectors to design buildings with increased energy efficiency, renewable power generation and appealing aesthetics, thereby increasing real estate value. Pythagoras Solar will advance distributed power generation, help achieve Net Zero Energy Buildings and have a lasting impact on green building and urban planning. Pythagoras Solar is a privately held company with operations in the United States, Israel and China. More information:

About the Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems

Fraunhofer USA, Inc., headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan is a non-profit research organization, which operates labs in sustainable energy, biotechnology, computer security, manufacturing innovation, laser technology, and industrial coatings.  Fraunhofer USA's research centers collaborate with major research universities in the United States, as well as institutes in Germany, to bring innovative technologies to the marketplace. 

The Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems was founded in 2008, dedicated to the commercialization of clean energy technologies.  CSE engages in collaborative R&D with private companies, government, and academic institutions, performing research that benefits firms, industries, and society.  Fraunhofer CSE is headquartered in Massachusetts.  More information: http://cse.fraunhofer.org  Contact: Emily Dahl - 617-714-6517 -

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