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Solar Fabrik AG Fuer Produktion Vertrieb: Solar-Fabrik AG presents next generation Premium modules

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Solar-Fabrik AG presents next generation Premium modules Press Release March 13, 2012

Freiburg, March 13, 2012. Solar-Fabrik is optimizing its Premium module series: Thanks to higher, plus sorted power ratings, the new generation of Premium modules provides significantly greater yield security. The company's new "innoframe" frame design improves stability while allowing a 30% higher packing density of modules on the palette - lowering shipping costs by up to 15%.

"We work continuously to turn our stringent demands on Premium quality into product attributes such as efficiency and longevity," stresses Günter Weinberger, Solar-Fabrik AG's CEO. "By using the latest generation of cells, antireflective glass and our newly designed innoframes, we are introducing enhanced products to the market. When developing these products, top priority was given to the sustainable use of materials and resources. Our new frames therefore improve the stability and strength of our modules despite using lower quantities of aluminum."

Higher yields thanks to new power ratings and plus sorting
From now on, all module types in the Premium and Premium incell series will be available with higher power ratings. The 60-cell Premium L mono, for example, will be offered with power ratings from 250 to 265 Watt peak (Wp), and in future will also be available in a mono black version (up to 255 Wp). The smaller 48-cell Premium XM mono black is available with power ratings of between 190 and 205 Wp. All Solar-Fabrik Premium modules produced since the beginning of the year are plus sorted, giving them an output of up to 5 Watts more than that stated on the label and offering clients even higher yield security.

The new innoframe: greater stability, 15% lower transport costs
Despite measuring only 35 mm in height, the new innoframe is extremely rigid. It successfully passed load tests under the IEC 61215 standard, withstanding an increased load of 5,400 Pa. The low frame height results in a higher packing density for Premium L and XM modules, which translates into a clear advantage for the customer: transport costs are reduced by around 15%.

Quick, safe assembly thanks to the innoframe
Our innoframes reduce module weight, enabling easier handling on the roof. The new Premium L module, for instance, weighs just 21.5 kg instead of 24 kg. Solar-Fabrik also offers a special innoframe module clamp alongside the trusted Profilink mounting system. These clamps make assembly more straightforward and thus save time and money.

Solar-Fabrik AG
Solar-Fabrik AG, founded in 1996 and headquartered in Freiburg im Breisgau, ranks among Europe's leaders in solar technology. Its products are manufactured exclusively in Germany and the company is DIN ISO 9001 and 14001 certified. Good installation yields depend on exceptional quality management. This includes the selection of high quality materials, state-of-the-art production technology, careful processing, continuous further development and system optimization. Solar-Fabrik's ultra-modern production plant in Freiburg has a capacity of 210 megawatts (MW), and approximately 260 staff are employed at the site. Solar-Fabrik's network of experienced installation partners across Europe ensures that customers receive expert advice as well as professional plant construction and installation.

Further information
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