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It's Clear: Glass Is In For Food Storage

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(NAPSI)-One fact is becoming clear to America's health-conscious home cooks. The most nutritious food may be a little healthier when served or reheated in a glass container.

Because of the ability of some plastic to leach into the food or drink contained therein, health experts worldwide now recommend the use of either ceramic or tempered glass containers when reheating foods in the microwave.

Concern about plastic is growing. Recently, the Canadian government banned children's plastic drinkware, such as baby and water bottles, containing the chemical Bisphenol-A (BPA) from store shelves.

Findings concluded that BPA could leach from containers when the plastic becomes heated or when harsh detergents are used, such as in the dishwasher.

A better alternative, say experts, is tempered glass containers to withstand wide temperature variations without the risk of breakage, making them a perfect choice for freezing or reheating foods.

In addition, glass containers last longer since they avoid food staining or scratching most commonly found with plastic containers. And by not having to replace glass containers so often, there are environmental benefits.

Italian-based glassware manufacturer Bormioli Rocco created a line of Frigoverre glass containers to answer the need for safe food storage. The company recently introduced a new line of glass storageware named Frigoverre Plus.

Produced from strong tempered glass, the hygienic containers easily move from the freezer to the microwave for easy reheating.

In addition, the containers are shock resistant and are able to withstand the harsh environment of the dishwasher. As with all glass, the crystal clear transparency of the container allows consumers to clearly see what is stored inside.

The line was very successful in Italy and is now winning over health-conscious cooks in the U.S.

Lids in the new line are made of BPA-free plastic and contain a small vent in the lid that clicks up and open to release steam. When finished, the vents can be closed to produce an airtight seal preventing freezer burn.

The containers come in various shapes and sizes to meet all storage needs and are available in fine gourmet and specialty stores such as on ContainerStore.com.

The lids are made of BPA-free plastic and contain a small vent in the lid that clicks up and open to release steam.

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