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Raw materials of auto glass increase in price

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The prime cost of auto glass products is spent on soda ash, heavy oil, PVB film, etc. Recently, the price of soda ash has risen, driven by the brisk market demand and the prices of heavy oil and PVB film have also risen by a different rate due to the increase of oil price.

It is estimated that the cost of heavy oil accounts for about 14% of the total cost of auto glass. In other words, if other costs are not changed, the price of heavy oil must rise by about 7.14 % so as to increase the cost of auto glass by one percentage point. The cost of soda ash accounts for about 10 % of the total cost of auto glass, so its price must rise by 10% to reach one percent of increase for auto glass cost. And the cost of PVB film accounts for about 30%. So, the price only needs to increase by 3.33% to ensure the one percent of increase.

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