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SCHOTT Architecture + Design offers ′Architecture to Touch and Feel′

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Architects and designers to be informed of products and problem-solving expertise by holding events on a regular basis / Architecture ‘live’ and interesting technical presentations

For the first time ever, SCHOTT Architecture + Design (A+D) invited architects and designers from the Rhine-Main region to attend an event on architecture at the company´s headquarters in Mainz. Experts who work for SCHOTT explained the various application possibilities for its architectural glasses and lighting technologies both indoors and outside.

The event started in the lobby of the new administrative building V2, where initial information was shared by pointing to the architectural glasses and lighting products installed there. The products ranged from SCHOTT ASI® photovoltaic modules to anti-reflective Amiran®, smart glasses, decorative glasses and attractive LightPoints. The next station that its guests visited was the Home Tech Center that has been redesigned using SCHOTT’s own A+D solutions. The center of attention inside the showroom was a rectangular glass atrium that features an illuminated ceiling made of OPALIKA® in which MAGIRA®LightPoints and SmartView glasses were used together for the first time ever. A wall made of Opalika® that features RGB backlighting that makes it possible to create various lighting moods at the press of a button was yet another eye catcher. The partition used in the conference room is also made of Magira® SmartView. It turns either transparent or opaque, depending on what is needed. After discussing actual applications, the products and their many different applications were shared with the trade audience in attendance in more technical terms and backed up by presenting well-known national and international reference projects.

This event was entirely devoted to entering into a dialogue and SCHOTT experts and its guests took advantage of this opportunity to exchange information. For SCHOTT Architecture + Design, this was yet another successful step on the way to repositioning itself as an expert partner for architects and designers. Additional events on special topics for architects involving other regional target audiences are already planned.

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