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SPD SmartGlass – The ideal solution for LEED? Projects

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SPD SmartGlass was designed to maximise the use of natural daylight in buildings to improve the well-being of the people within. The use of SPD SmartGlass on commercial projects can help achieve up to 8 LEED certification credits.

What makes SPD SmartGlass a sustainable building product?

Buildings are the largest source of energy consumption in the world, and energy lost through today’s inefficient windows accounts for 30% of the building heating and cooling energy consumed in the U.S.

SPD SmartGlass is significantly more energy efficient than static glazing, providing a comfortable interior for occupants with an uninterrupted view as the need for blinds/curtains is eliminated. SPD SmartGlass provides a sustainable eco-friendly building interior whilst also enhancing the corporate image of the building.

SPD SmartGlass can contribute to the following LEED credits:

Sustainable Sites

  •      Credit 8: Light Pollution Reduction (1 Point)
Energy and Atmosphere
  •     Prerequisite 2: Minimum Energy Performance (Required)
  •     Credit 1: Optimise Energy Performance (1-19 Points)
Indoor Environmental Quality
  •     Credit 6.2: Controllability of Systems – Thermal Comfort. (1 Point)
  •     Credit 7.1: Thermal Comfort – Design. (1 Point)
  •     Credit 8.1: Daylight and Views – Daylight (1 Point)

SPD SmartGlass has proven itself in testing conducted by Cambridge University in a number of different worldwide simulated climate conditions. These include locations such as Dubai and Houston, Texas, which are associated with very heavy cooling loads. In both locations SPD SmartGlass showed identical solar heat gain reduction. Due to energy consumed by HVAC systems in these hotter climates the savings in cooling loads by using SPD SmartGlass can be up to 65% of associated energy costs.

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