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Energy-Efficient Spiegel Headquarters in Hamburg

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The Ericus-Contor comprises the Spiegel headquarters and the nearby office complex, which is a fourteen and nine-storey building pair and an internationally acclaimed piece of archiecture in Hamburg.

"Highly transparent and filigree, the Spiegel Building and the Ericus-Contor almost look like glass sculptures. ipasol neutral 68/37 protects the office from overheating, insulates against the cold and lets lots of daylight in. iplus E thermal insulation glass (double and tripleglazing) prevents cooling."

The headquarters and office block,two superior examples of glass architecture are built on the same brick base. Henning Larsen Architects designed these buildings cradled in the Ericusspitze, which has an uneven trapezoidal ground plan. This Spiegel editorial building, whose height is 61 m, appears like a window to the town, when seen from north and enables the viewer to get an excellent view. The glass shell balances the energy inside the building and may be utilized for multimedia projections.

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