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Solutia Introduces New Saflex? Structural Interlayer for Architectural Laminated Glass Applications

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ST. LOUIS, Feb. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Solutia Inc. (NYSE: SOA) today announced the commercial availability of Saflex® DG structural interlayer for architectural laminated glass applications. The product is designed specifically for applications in which increased interlayer rigidity and high glass adhesion are required relative to standard glazing interlayers.

"Laminated glass as a building material has experienced an upsurge in recent years as glass use in facades and interiors has become so coveted," said Tom Selm, global business management director for Solutia.  "Saflex DG combines the benefits of a rigid interlayer with the features of glass containment, UV screening, edge stability and clarity."  Saflex DG provides superior structural capacity compared to standard PVB interlayers and is designed with ease of processing in mind. Saflex DG also offers design flexibility, as it is compatible with other Saflex and Vanceva products.

Due to the stiffness of the Saflex DG interlayer, laminates can sustain higher uniform loads with the same glass thickness, or the glass thickness can be reduced and still achieve the same loading. Saflex DG interlayer is ideally suited for use with annealed and heat-strengthened glass, providing the opportunity to design with less optical distortion, reduce the potential for spontaneous breakage, allow for view-through capability after breakage and design for applications in which thermal stress may come into consideration.

"Similar to the formulation used in aircraft windscreens, and built upon the performance- specific attributes of cyclone/hurricane- and typhoon-resistant PVB interlayers, Saflex DG interlayer is unlike standard PVB interlayer in that it is significantly more rigid," said Julia Schimmelpenningh, global architectural applications manager for Solutia. "As such, Saflex DG interlayer in a properly designed system tends to keep glass intact at high and low temperatures, even after impact and under load."  Saflex DG is unique in that it combines the meaningful performance and processing characteristics of standard Saflex PVB interlayers while allowing for balanced engineering practices, which can lead to more efficient whole building design.

Specific applications of Saflex DG interlayer include structural glass applications, exposed edge laminates, floors, stairs, balconies, canopies, point glazing systems, clip systems, captured systems, curtain wall, sloped and overhead glazing and essentially any glazing application in which it is necessary for glass to remain intact after breakage.More specialized areas, such as adherence of glass to the spall layer in bullet-resistant glazing or in mass transit (train) applications, can also benefit from the use of Saflex DG interlayer. Assembly and lamination properties that have come to be expected from other Saflex brand PVB interlayer products are applicable to Saflex DG.  For more information visit www.saflex.com/structural .

Solutia's Saflex product is the most trusted name in PVB interlayer technology for laminated glazing, delivering outstanding performance and durability, backed by reliable and knowledgeable service. As a result, it is found in nearly 40 percent of laminated architectural and automotive glass worldwide. Saflex interlayers are also used to encapsulate thin film photovoltaic solar cells, providing outstanding processability and durability.

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Corporate Profile
Solutia is a market-leading performance materials and specialty chemicals company. The company focuses on providing solutions for a better life through a range of products, including: Saflex® polyvinyl butyral interlayers for glass lamination and for photovoltaic module encapsulation and VISTASOLAR® ethylene vinyl acetate films for photovoltaic module encapsulation;  LLumar®, Vista™, EnerLogic®, FormulaOne®, Gila®, V-KOOL®, Huper Optik®, IQue™, Sun-X® and Nanolux™ aftermarket performance films for automotive and architectural applications; Flexvue™ advanced film component solutions for solar and electronic technologies; and technical specialties products including Crystex® insoluble sulfur, Santoflex® PPD antidegradants, Therminol® heat transfer fluids and Skydrol® aviation hydraulic fluids. Solutia's businesses are world leaders in each of their market segments. With its headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, the company operates globally with approximately 3,400 employees in more than 50 worldwide locations. More information is available at www.Solutia.com.

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