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CRT Glass Recycling Partnership in Ohio

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U.S. based I.T. recycling specialist, Regency Technologies has teamed up with glass recycling specialist, Dlubak Glass Company.

According to Regency its new location in Upper Sandusky, Ohio, adjacent to Dlubak Glass, allows for the complete breakdown, dismantling, and recycling of any device that contains CRT glass, without polluting the environment.

The company claimed that its dismantling process takes TVs and PC monitors and breaks them down to separate recyclable materials including CRT glass, plastic, wire, metals, and more.

The separated CRT glass is then sent across to Dlubak's facility, where the company said that it is recycled into environmentally safe, furnace ready cullet, which is reused in many applications including road surface paving material, building construction, and aggregate products.

Based in Upper Sandusky, Ohio, Dlubak said that it operates six fully licensed for glass recycling facilities across the U.S., recycling over 600,000 tons (544,000 tonnes) of glass per year.

Regency said that it has also recently secured R2/RIOS certification for all five of its facilities nationwide. R2/RIOS is the combination of two sets of guidelines - R2, Responsible Recycling Practices, and RIOS, the Recycling Industry Operating Standard.
RIOS was developed by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), and is a quality, environmental and health and safety (QEH&S) management system developed specifically for the recycling industry.

R2 was the first recycling standard specifically targeting electronics recycling. It was developed and supported by stakeholders including the EPA, major computer OEMs such as Lenovo and Dell, and includes general principles and specific practices for recyclers.

Regency said that its latest certifications have been earned at its Atlanta, Chicago and Lakeland, Florida, facilities.

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