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Regency Technologies Announces New CRT Glass Recycling Facility

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TWINSBURG, Ohio, Feb. 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Regency Technologies, a leader in IT asset recycling, is proud to announce its new operation in conjunction with Dlubak Glass Company, America's largest recycler of TV and PC monitor CRT (cathode ray tube) glass.

Regency Technologies' new location in Upper Sandusky, Ohio, adjacent to Dlubak Glass, allows for the complete breakdown, dismantling, and recycling of any device that contains CRT glass safely and responsibly without polluting the environment. As experts in electronic scrap recycling, Regency Technologies' thorough dismantling process takes TVs and PC monitors and breaks them down to separate recyclable materials including CRT glass, plastic, wire, metals, and more.

Dlubak Glass receives the separated CRT glass and recycles it into environmentally safe furnace ready cullet which is reused in many applications including road surface paving material, building construction, and aggregate products.

About Regency Technologies
Regency Technologies, certified to RIOS/R2 as well as ISO 9001/2008 and ISO 14001:2004, serves Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and consumers with all aspects of IT asset management and asset recycling. From asset recovery to remarketing and recycling, hundreds of thousands of units annually pass through their 500,000+ square feet of facilities in Cleveland, Upper Sandusky, Atlanta, and Chicago.

Regency Technologies is affiliated with Reserve Management Group (RMG), a family of related businesses involved in recycling, scrap metal processing, and more. Formed in 1991, RMG consists of 500+ employees in 6 states with annual sales in excess of $475 million.

To learn more about Regency Technologies and its full service offering of nationwide electronics recycling visit its website at: www.regencytechnologies.com

About Dlubak Glass Company
Founded in 1932, the Dlubak Glass Company has grown to be one of the largest recyclers and processors of glass in the United States. Dlubak supplies a majority of "furnace ready cullet" to glass manufacturers in the automotive, lighting, plate, CRT, container, fiberglass, and aggregate industries. Based in Upper Sandusky, Ohio, Dlubak Glass employs 200+ people and has 5 additional plants located in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Texas, Oklahoma, and Arizona. All 6 plants are fully licensed for glass recycling and serve customers worldwide, recycling over 600,000 tons of glass per year.

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