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Jason Giddings Unveils Glass Keyboard and Mouse

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Kickstarter project by Jason Giddings, an aerospace engineer promises to build cool, awesome ultra modern multi-touch sensitive keyboard and mouse. The devices are made from high grade tempered glass, finest components and a solid metal base with cameras. Though the design was done before; it was not noticed with the growing popularity of iPhones in recent years. The existing technology is used to design the devices which are very simple with non moving parts. They are wireless with Lithium Polymer batteries which are rechargeable. They are resistant to doughnut and coffee. The attractive see through peripherals for your computer are sure to draw attention of your friends. But to continue the existence of Kickstarter project money is needed.

Open source of software run devices. Users can share this online software and help others with  glass keyboard and mouse also make work efficiently. The keyboards and mice are very expensive. The glass keyboard and mouse are priced at $350. If you buy separately it would cost $150 for mouse, and $250 for keyboard.

The technology is known as Frustrated Total Internal Reflection. The edge of the glass has infrared LEDS, which are not accessible to view as they are inside holes; here the glass is attached to the metal base. As the light presses the internal glass surface, it reflects inside walls. If you touch the glass reflection frustrates and downwardly IR light will diffuse out of the glass, letting the camera to see it. This is how the software determining the position, sends suitable message to the computer.

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