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The IRD doghouse – reduced batch carry over

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Dust carryover from the batch can be limited if the batch piles are glazed over by the time they leave the doghouse. To achieve this the IRD doghouse concept utilises: increased residence time – the doghouse is longer and wider than conventional designs increased radiation from the hotter melter superstructure – the opening between doghouse and furnace is made larger Gas flow velocities in the IRD doghouse superstructure (< 1 m/second) are very low compared with those in the furnace (> 15 m/second). This means that there is very little tendency for batch dust to be carried out of the doghouse by gas movement above the batch.The batch piles are only subjected to higher gas velocities after the surface has been glazed and the new doghouse can therefore significantly reduce batch carryover. 07.04.2011, Nikolaus Sorg GmbH & Co. KG/sorg.de

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