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Improved Water Treatments from the Glass Machinery Company

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The product quality of the Glass Machinery Company portfolio has helped to establish the company as one of the leading suppliers to the glass industry. Primarily products from companies such as Winklemann Filtri are increasing in popularity because of the reliability of the equipment and the diligence of The Glass Machinery Company team.

The Winklemann Filtri range was created specifically to optimize production methods providing automatic water treatment units for glass processing. The range available provide a cost effective means to treat all processing water in circulation, with systems available for double edgers, grinders and bevellers. Additionally the filter systems supply clean water with almost no suspended solids for drills, cnc spindles and pre-wash ramps. As energy saving consumption becomes a bigger focus in manufacturing procedures The Glass Machinery Company is backed by the experience and skills of companies such as Winklemann Filtri in providing an innovative range of products that will assist in clean production.

This particular range offers superior water quality treatments, considerable energy savings which ultimately all provides lower maintenance costs. The success of this range has been quantified through the many water treatment systems that have been installed across Italy and Europe. The company boasts an unrivalled reputation for water treatment technology to provide all sized projects with lower operational costs. In relation to water recycling, the installation of turnkey facilities which do not use chemical products is proving popular as an environmentally effective choice.

The history of this Milan based company is firmly established as a leading water filter provider for glass process. Integrated into the design is a unique glass powder and filter system which eliminates the problems that can arise from the use of chemical in glass processing procedures. Additional significant benefits include the removal of glass powder build up from channels tubes and unit collection tanks. Phil Birchall, Managing Director at The Glass Machinery Company comments, “The range of filters available from Winklemann Filtri enable manufacturers to reduce overheads considerably whilst improving efficiency. The added benefits for glass processors comes in the form of cleaner manufacturing methods with less water wastage and a system that will help to protect the environment – which inevitably is advantageous for all concerned.” For more information please call 01630 638555 or visit:


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