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Advanced ZIPPE-Technology for Melting Material Preheating ABP?

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ZIPPE Industrieanlagen presented one of their most important technical innovations – the Batch and Cullet Preheater ABP® - in Zagreb, Croatia. 18 delegates of internationally renowned glass factories attended the presentation and showed profound interest in this new development.The presented Batch and Cullet Preheater is the result of decades of experiences and continuous research and development. Due to the energetic use of waste gases, generated during the glass melting process, there is the possibility to reduce the induced melting energy significantly by preheating batch and cullet through these gases. Thus energy costs can be reduced substantially. In addition the emission of CO2 can also be decreased considerably. The plant runs most reliably with a very low portion of cullet in the batch, which is a novelty in the glass industry compared with preceding preheating technologies. “It is our goal to combine economy and ecology efficiently”, says Dr. Bernd-Holger Zippe. “Due to the fact that we become more and more short of resources and also in the light of environmental protection, these are the topics of the future. With the help of this new technology we have succeeded in a further trendsetting step forward.”This way we make a contribution towards glass remaining an attractive packaging product in the future. 04.05.2011, ZIPPE

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